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Nose & Lips Wall Art
Nose & Lips Wall Art

Anastasia Waltschew

Anastasia Waltschew is a Bulgarian-American documentary photographer based out of south Texas/northern Mexico and Los Angeles. She is a firm believer that beauty and human-to-human interaction are part of the antidote to poverty, division, and distrust. Her work seeks to challenge conventional thinking and inspire mutual understanding between peoples, especially in areas of conflict. Whether she’s here or abroad, she’s always in search of broadened horizons, new understandings, the best hummus, and the strongest chai.



Barbara Ezell
barb copy.png

Barbara Ezell

Barb Ezell is a mother to 5, grandmother to 7, and wife to the one and only Ken. She is a former creative arts pastor and member of the Orange Country House of Prayer. As a creative, color is her chosen medium of expression. She believes in revolution through love.


Christina Greuel

Christina Greuel

Christina Grueul is a German-born poet and book author with a background in shape design, drawing, and painting.


As an international community helper, she has built an orphanage in India, working with local organizations to bring food, clothing, shelter and education to young girls.

Her current book will be published in Germany, and carries a powerful narrative of redemption.

Tree from death and life_CGreuel.jpg
Danielle Lewis

Danielle Lewis

Danielle Lewis began dancing in preschool, pursuing it more seriously in high school. Through much of her life, "dancer" has been inseparable from her identity, while at other times, it has clung less closely to her; however, the act of creating has always been a constant, as she continuously discovers new forms of creating and communicating. She is recently married and navigating the journey of being a wife for the first time, in addition to starting up her own business.


Jason Leith

Jason Leith

Jason is the Director and Pastor at Saddleback Visual Arts. His passion is socially engaged art or when art intersects with relationship.


Sacred Streets is a recent project of his which featured found object portraits of the homeless he befriended on Skid Row, Los Angeles.


Jason graduated from Biola University with a BFA and is currently working on a Masters in Global Leadership at Fuller Seminary with an emphasis in Art & Theology at Fuller’s Brehm Center.


Joel Smith

short story excerpt


Joel Smith writes fiction & non-fiction in order to communicate the heart and mind of God to humanity. He believes that God uses narrative to illuminate the dark places within ourselves and society and ultimately lead us to Himself.


Joel Smith

Phoebe Stanciell

Phoebe Stanciell


Combine deep passion for children, love for the creative arts and teaching geared for transformation and you have Phoebe Stanciell. Ms. Stanciell developed and currently oversees the Music Magnet program within the Prep Arts Music Dept at OCCTAC, where she teaches piano and piano theory to approximately 30 students along with adaptive piano lessons for special needs students.


When she’s not teaching, Phoebe loves worshipping weekly with a worship team at her church, being a missionary to the nations, (especially Kenya & Zimbabwe), working with kids in the Children’s Ministry Dept, and learning languages. She hopes one day to be fluent in Spanish & Swahili!


Original Song

"My Heart

(meu coração)"

Roswitha Fey

Roswitha Fey

Roswitha Fey is an international artist and pedagogue from Germany. Trained as a music teacher, Roswitha started painting professionally in the mid-90s.


Her ever-evolving abstract paintings, which she paints to worship music, have been exhibited nationally and internationally in places like Beijing, Shanghai, and London.

Her paintings are full of energy and passion, expressing the artist's deep conversations about God and the world.

Smashed Saint

Smashed Saint

spoken word

"Daughter of Zion"

SMASHED SAINT (Janet Jun) is a poet, writer, multimedia artist, and one of the co-founders of Regenesis Guild. 

Born in Southern California, Janet received a B.A. in English from Barnard College (2001) and an M.A. in Korean Studies from Columbia University (2008) after working in the non-profit arts-in-education sector at the Teachers & Writers Collaborative in New York City for two years.

While currently serving as a creative missionary to Asia under Blessed International Ministries, Janet has also shared and taught her craft at various local and global venues, including Biola University, Faith on Demand’s SPEAK!, The Seed LA, Triple Threat Mentoring, B2B Peru, JUCETV, and P4CM’s Rhetoric (2013 & 2015).

Janet has a deep passion and commitment to serve and equip creatives to be beacons of love, mercy, truth and justice both locally and internationally.


Steven Homestead

Steven Homestead

spoken word

"If We Didn't Know"

Steven Homestead brings genre-spanning creativity to life, whether composing music, leading community art projects, writing and speaking on arts and faith, or curating generative events. Overall, Steven works to promote honor, give voice, share wonder, and develop unity.


His community art projects have engaged participants from Spain to Berlin, from the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach to the Santa Ana Art Walk. Solo projects have been featured at Fuller Theological Seminary, TEDxMission Viejo, and in spaces across Southern California, including his Saints and Icons series.


As an arts leader, he serves with Saddleback Visual Arts and is a facilitator of both Maker to Maker and Heart to Heart sessions for Christians In the Visual Arts (CIVA). Additionally, he writes regularly on arts and creativity, whether for his own newsletter or as a guest for other forums.


As the President of the American Composers Forum of Los Angeles (ACF-LA), Steven supports the new music ecosystem in Southern California, including his work to help launch the inaugural Compose LA festival. Steven earned his MM in Composition-Theory from CSUF and BA in Music Composition from UCLA.

His current projects, the Digital Super Bloom and Word Up! poetry reading series, are online community gathering spaces, workshops, and events which celebrate and support our opportunity to gather amid distances, to seek unity, and make peace.


Tobias & Liam

Tobias and Liam are extraordinary, joyful, creative brothers. Tobias is a creative 10-year-old who loves worshipping Jesus through art and music. Liam is a compassionate lover of God’s word and truth. They both enjoy journaling and creating art as a form of worship. This book is their first publication, which they believe can touch our hearts and change the world.


Tobias & Liam


William Hawkins

Original SOng

It takes bravery to write with the kind of threadbare honesty Poet Hawkins achieves in his songs. His voice reminiscent of Alexi Murdoch, Nick Drake, he approaches music as a man untouched by the current relentlessness of our increasingly fast paced world; he bids the listener slow his or her mind to a pace where it becomes possible to hear, to think, to feel.


William Hawkins

As 2020 marks the launch of the Eden Collective, we decided to simply begin with the theme CONCEPTION. Creation is always preceded by conception—a created thing begins with the idea of it.


Another layer of meaning stems from what 2020 has been shaping into: a demarcation of sorts; a type of end and beginning. At the very least, it has been a year of significant change. For us at Regenesis Guild, we have felt the tectonic shifts in deeply personal ways during this season of pause, chaos, reflection, uncertainty, and reset. We see that God is disrupting the old order of things and doing a new thing—something He had conceived before the foundations of the earth were laid.

As part of RG’s mission to connect and establish creatives as global leaders through different curated events, we invited creators from all over the world to submit original works of visual art, photography, poetry, song, or fiction/nonfiction that explore this theme of CONCEPTION.

We hope you enjoy the richness of the works they presented!

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