This year marks the 2nd year of Eden Collective, an annual artistic gallery and showcase of visual, written, and performative creative works around a specific theme designated by the curators at Regenesis Guild.


When we launched Eden Collective in 2020, we chose the theme “Conception,” partly to celebrate the beginning of both the collection and the guild. The other part was to give voice to a year that, for better or worse or both, disrupted the normal narrative of our lives into a space of reset, of ending and beginning.


In choosing the theme for 2021, we asked ourselves, “What comes after conception?” We realized there is a necessary hidden time and space before that sacred thing becomes visible, birthed and shared. Though hidden and often mistaken for inactivity, this stage is dynamic and holy; it is filled with much of the accompanying joy, pain, sparks of revelation, and their inter-connections that undergird our art.


We are excited to share this year’s theme, “Incubate,” in reference to this hidden time and space in the creative process. We invite creatives from all genres and fields to submit their explorations.





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Writer’s Guild

Every other Sunday @ 8am - 10am (PST)

Are you working on a book? A poem? A play? Perhaps a multi-genre project? Need extra support getting your work out there?

Wherever you're at in your writing journey, we invite you to join our new Writer’s Guild!

Facilitated by one of our co-founders, Janet Jun (Smashed Saint), Regenesis Writer’s Guild will meet 2x/month with the aim of supporting each writer in developing our craft and publishing.

Email us at for more information or RSVP today if you’d like to join.

creatives & educators

united to transform cities


As a diverse collective of creatives, teachers, visionaries and reformers, we believe that the arts and education that cares for and cultivates the whole individual can bring healing and positive sustainable transformation to families, communities, and society at large. All of our creative events, programs, and resources prioritize authentic relationship-building and unique learning based on apprenticeship and mentorship models.


We also seek partnerships with like-minded global organizations to foster cross-cultural exchanges among creatives and educators that birth innovative works and solutions that positively shape the world around us.


Regenesis Guild is dedicated to providing arts and educational programs, resources, and creative events that foster wellbeing and bring enrichment to individuals and communities worldwide.




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